Alyssa Maughan Massages

Alyssa Maughan has joined the services available through Aussie Pet Collective.

Alyssa provides a range of services for your pet, including:

  • Nurofascial release $90.00 per 60 minute session, 10 per cent discount for multiple bookings, 3 6 and 9 session options available. The type of nurofascial release I offer is called webb, whole energy body balance, and is suitable at any stage of your animal’s life. Please note I am only qualified in the bodywork for pets and humans, at this stage not qualified to work with horses.
  • Energywork/pet readings, $70.00 Energywork is suitable for everyone regardless of what’s happening, it has no contraindications, meaning that it’s helpful to anyone regardless of their condition. It can be used adjunctive to any treatment or therapy you or your pet may be receiving, including medical. It does not interfere with said treatment, only supports it. Any pet can receive energywork even if they are not physically present. In such cases I work with the human.
  • Readings include animal communication, missing pet and messages from pets who have passed over.
  • Bodywork/ energywork can be provided to both human and pets.

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