Brooke’s Inspired Pet Services

Hello & Welcome to Brooke’s Inspired Pet Services where I offer All things pet related services. Anything from-sitting, walking, photography and much more. 

I have years of experience in my many things, but it doesn’t stop me from adding to my skills constantly. I have volunteered and worked in the animal industry during high school until now. I love to learn and expand my knowledge, but I still have a lot to learn.   

My hobbies/interests include; animal dentistry, photography, equestrian, farming, rodeo’s, anything pet related, I love my family and lastly, I like sharing my knowledge of the animal world with others.  


  • Brisbane Dog Lover Shows  
  • Many Vet Clinics around Brisbane x 5 
  • Rochedale State High School Agriculture Show Team- as photographer and helper. (I am still involved to this day)  


  • Louise’s Pet Grooming- 2014 to 2019 
  • At Local Kennel/Pet Resort 
  • Owned & Ran my Business- “Brooke’s Zoom Cleaning” (Very successful for the entire year I was running it but got my dream job as a Veterinary Nurse)  
  • Vet clinic x 2  


  • Cert II- Rural Operations 2015 
  • Cert II- Animal Studies 2014 
  • Cert IV- Veterinary Nursing 2018  
  • RSA- Responsible Service in Alcohol 2018  
  • RSG- Responsible Service in Gambling 2018  
  • Hills Puppy Pre-School- 2019  
  • Continuing education short courses for veterinary Nurses: constantly learning 
  • Short course: Farm and Labourer skill set- involved learning about plants, weeds, pests, diseases, chemicals (spraying weeds and pests) and even operating a tractor. Currently working towards right now.  

Services offered by Brooke’s inspired Pet Services

the full range of services provided by Brooke’s Inspired Pet services will be available shortly.

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