Boat to Bowl

After many years of experience with food manufacturing and more recently, dehydrated food products, we discovered the benefits of air-drying food at low temperatures to lock in all of the flavour and nutritional values – you remove any moisture that can spoil the food and all of the good stuff remains. The result? A safe, stable product with no need for additives or preservatives.
We are big advocates for all natural and all Australian and have been lucky enough to join forces with our Aussie Manufacturing Partners to realise “Boat to Bowl”. They are the team driving this initiative – sourcing the fish, assisting Australian Fishermen, promoting Marine Conservation and processing and air drying our products.
Boat to Bowl is 100% Australian – All Natural – Air Dried Seafood Treats for Dogs!
We are a local South Australian brand, working closely with Australian Fishermen to ultilise their by-catch. We take it from an otherwise low value by product and turn it into a high value, healthy dog treat alternative. GOOD FOR YOUR DOG. GOOD FOR AUSTRALIA. GOOD FOR OUR PLANET.
By being a part of this initiative, we are assisting to eliminate waste within the Australian Fishing Industry and helping to promote Marine Conservation. The fishermen of Australia involved in this sustainable initiative now receive a revenue stream for their by-catch and far less of their catch is going to waste. On top of all of that, the lucky dogs of the world now have an extremely natural, tasty and healthy treat alternative.
We are extremely proud to be a part of this amazing initiative and look forward to growing our Boat to Bowl range of Air Dried Seafood Dog Treats to further assist with this cause.
Nick Simpson, Founder

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